Surviving the Wellness Revolution

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Here is what one Happy Student had to say about last session:

“If you are a pharmacist tired of the rat race game, ready to incorporate something new into your practice, or just looking to improve your patient interactions, Mary’s Surviving the Wellness Revolution course is a must! Over the last month, I learned to be more confident and incorporate helpful tips for improving the experience with I had with my patients, as well as how to increase my overall happiness and satisfaction with a career that was increasingly becoming strained with the stress of corporate politics. By the end of the course, and with the excellent education and support Mary provided, I also uncovered and renewed the passion I had for my career and the path in which I want to take it. Surviving the Wellness Revolution will prepare you stand out as a trusted expert in healthcare as we continue to move into the new world of pharmacy (and healthcare in general)!”

Amber Crawford, Rph

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