Mary is a special and unique (coach) whose strengths and sensitivities make her especially suited for her work. Here are some observations I have made in working with Mary that stand out the most:

  • she notices where the juice is and where it isn’t

  • she can perceive the energy behind things and where it best corresponds

  • she can identify what is clear and what is scrambled or confused

  • she remains objective and non-judgmental

  • she advocates for your higher self or greatest good

  • she enjoys seeing you succeed

  • she attends to you fully when she is engaged with you

  • she can freely enter into your space and feel it, know what it is like to walk in your shoes

  • she has a wonderful sense of humor

  • she brings tremendous enthusiasm and focus

  • she knows how to amplify the best in you.

When you work with Mary, she delivers what she promises with love and integrity. It is always a pleasure to have this kind of association with a quality person like Mary Sheehan!

~ Douglas Falkner, MD, MHom, MD/Homeopath/Teacher, The Falkner School for Homeopathy,, 541-552-1400,

Mary Sheehan’s program helps you to simplify what is important and focus on solutions. In this age of information overload, Mary was able to help me to help others focus in on concrete problem solving with a “less is more” approach. Mary has a gift of weeding through the nonsense of daily obstacles to obtain certainty. Mary uses a common sense approach to problem solving which is all too un-common in todays world. It works, plain and simple.

~ Greg Sherwin CRRN and nursing supervisor

“….with a little inquiry and discussion, Mary was able to spot the issue and resolve it with a phone call to the doctor.”

I felt a little overwhelmed by an issue with a patient so I asked Mary for help. Mary went through step by step with me to help teach the patient how to tell if her medication is working by tracking the results she wants out of the medication. She also told me what supplement to recommend for this woman’s condition. The patient left happy.

The most important thing I have learned from Mary has been how to be a good pharmacist to the PEOPLE.

…she really showed me that each patient is an individual and to make generalizations can sometimes be limiting.

~ Heidi Pigott, pharmacy student, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh PA

Mary Sheehan has a unique way of approaching a problem. Mary won’t give the answer that you want to hear but the answer you need to hear. She does this by facilitating rational thought and open discussion. This can lead you to a “true” answer that you yourself knew, but couldn’t step outside yourself to see. After I talk to her, I feel a million times better.

~ Joe Bordash, student

My favorite pharmacist is without doubt Mary Sheehan. This is not just because she is a pharmacist you can safely and efficiently work next to or opposite of, but because of what you can take away from her practice to better your own.

My favorite Mary lesson revolves around a saying that she used while I worked with her. That saying is “treat the patient first, the condition later.” Of course, this is where talking to your patient and digging into them comes into play and the magic happens.

Thanks Mary for that and all the other goodies of health and wellness you shared with me!

~ Nathan Otto, R.Ph.

I actually recruited Mary to my store because of her expertise in pharmacy and her ability to connect with customers. Specifically, I was able to watch a portion of her show she did on vitamins and she represented the profession extremely well. Her pharmaceutical knowledge is utilized to the full in her practice when talking with physicians, other health care professionals and her interactions with patients. Mary always goes the extra mile in providing quality care with the personal touch. On numerous occasions I have observed her talking with physicians and/or customers demonstrating professionalism that every pharmacist should imitate. Pharmacists can and should enjoy their job and profession and Mary’s approach works. Like they say “Try It you’ll Like It”

~ Mike Michelsen, RPh

Mary has wonderful insight into human nature. She has the ability to see the solution to problems and give guidance without prejudice or judgment. She has helped me through dilemmas, seeing the situation through fresh eyes and coming to a resolution that I could not see. I rely on her knowledge and foresight to keep me grounded in large and small matters.

~ Terry Carine, Karuna Reiki/Master Teacher, Certified Foot Reflexologist – Ingam Method

If you are a pharmacist tired of the rat race game, ready to incorporate something new into your practice, or just looking to improve your patient interactions, Mary’s Surviving the Wellness Revolution Course in a must! Over the last month, I’ve learned to I’ve learned to be more confident and incorporate helpful tips for improving the experience I had with my patients, as well as how to increase my overall happiness and satisfaction with a career that was increasingly becoming strained with the stress of corporate politics. By the end of the course and with the excellent education and support Mary provided, I also uncovered and renewed the passion I had for my career and the path in which I want it to take. Surviving the Wellness Revolution will prepare you to stand out as a trusted expert in healthcare as we continue to move into the new world of pharmacy (and healthcare in general)!

~ Amber Crawford, Pharmacist



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