Tune In and Trust Your Intuition- It’s Yours for the Taking

Unwrap Your Gift for More Time, Energy, Money, Health and Freedom

A typical day in the life of a woman or man who is not connected fully with their intuitive gifts can be something like this:

You drag yourself out of bed start another day – you’re hopeful but you never quite shake the feeling that there is somethingface shot anxiety more to this life. You wish you felt happier to be going to work. You get a fix of caffeine and maybe some sugar and BOOM you’re off and running.  You have yet another energy draining conversation with a friend or coworker. You totally deliver at work- 120%!  Your boss loves how much you can accomplish. You give of yourself to the point of exhaustion. Throughout the day you catch glimpses of the big vision you have for your life like a dream that you forgot to write down. It’s there….but fleeting. You just can’t remember it. At night when you fall into bed you’re very grateful to have made it through another day. You’re very appreciative of the fact that you made it, you’re not dead and you will wake up again tomorrow.

We want to have a name for things because we feel better when we can give it a name. It’s like we can say, “Yes. This is real. It has a name so it must be real.”

If you are disconnected from your intuition or your inner guidance system what results can look, feel, sound and taste a lot like words they use in the traditional allopathic medical system- words like depression and anxiety.

But that’s not quite what I’m talking about here. When you are disconnected from the gift of  your intuition it can DE-press you for sure. That’s probably the best definition of depression that I’ve heard over the years- this knowing or feeling that something is pressing down on you preventing you from reaching your fullest potential.

              It’s not your fault

The traditional system doesn’t really have names or fixes for spiritual woes. If what we were experiencing, was in it’s ENTIRETY physical and mental , we would have far greater positive results with our prescription medications. The antianxiety medications and antidepressants I’ve dispensed over the years could fill three high rise buildings. Medications have their place. Counselling has it’s place.

What I’m talking about is more of a spiritual dis-ease for which there is no pill.

You don’t have to be more evolved, more spiritual, a better person in any way. You don’t need more of anything- time, money, talent or smarts. You have it already. You just haven’t been taught how to use your internal guidance system, your innate wisdom and the path you are on already in a way that brings you real happiness in your life as it is right now.

             Turn on your light…..it’s already shining

You know you have talent, intelligence and large capacity to get things done.Woman Business Success

You could do just about anything you put your heart and mind to if only you knew what that something was.

You see talent and greatness in others.

Sometimes the negativity all around you gets you down.

You just need to begin to see yourself differently, take a look at your current belief system and then take steps on the path that leads to your greatest good. It can be done.

              Sometimes you have to get hit by a truck

For decades I’ve studied many forms of healing, energy medicine, mind control and spirituality. I’ve wanted, prayed for and even begged others for a course in intuition. A practical guide on how to use intuition to make better decisions would be most helpful, I would ponder when I was alone with my thoughts.  A guide to the amplification of my soul’s messages so I can hear, see, feel and taste them, would make my life so much easier.  I wanted less doubt, less fear, and less anxiety. I wanted the nagging feeling that I’m supposed to be DOING something with this tremendous gift Ibigstock-Ambulance-5878446’ve been given to go away. I wanted to soar. I wanted to reach my fullest potential. I bet you do too. I need several traumas to get me on my path to teaching others how to hone, amplify and trust their intuition. One of which was a car accident where I was hit by a truck on a snowy highway. This was the beginning of a journey of reclaimation. Reclaiming my gifts as an intuitive, a teacher and a Wise Woman of the Tribe of Intuition Seekers.

               Your paradigm is shifting

I think we can be in relationship with our gifts and the stuff that holds us back if that’s anxiety or low self esteem or whatever it is that’s a block for you, you can learn to negotiate a relationship with that part of yourself. The old paradigm of the war to anhiliate disease hasn’t worked. We are sicker than ever. It’s time for a new paradigm. It’s time to start to look at disease not only from a mind and body perspective but from a soul perspective as well. True healing can only come when mind body and soul are aligned for the purpose of wellness. We don’t live our lives in compartements. We can’t leave a part of who we are out of the equation and that includes our spirituality; which is where intuition falls in my opinion.

             Charge up your Inner GPS

Part of any type of healing, be in mind, body or spirit must be active. In other words, although you can hire physicians, counsellors and healers, some of the work can only be done by you. You must be an active participant in your journey to wholeness.

If you aren’t taking the best care of your gift of intuition because you are not quite sure how, my course can help you.A GPS navigation unit on a road leading to a question mark symbo

If you are often taken advantage of because you are good with people, know things other people don’t and are the one people go to with advice, my course, Be Your Own Guru, can help you establish boundaries.

You know your soul is trying to give you a message about your life’s journey you just aren’t sure how to tap into it, know it’s for real and apply it to your life. This course can help.

I created the Be Your Own Guru Intuition course that I wish I had when I was in my twenties. The course is broken up into modules that each student goes through with me privately at their own pace in the order that makes sense for them. We meet in cyberspace or on the phone for 10 sessions that can be divided up in however your are most comfortable.

There is an opening now for you. Just click HERE to fill out a survey. You will see that there is a place for your name and contact information. Then you and I will talk one on one to see where you are with your intuition. what barriers you are having, your blocks, your concerns, your hopes and dreams for yourself and your family. This will only cost you time and effort. After our 30 minute or so talk during this intuition discovery session we will see if you are a good fit for my Be Your Own Guru Intuition course.

To learn more about this course, please CLICK HERE to fill out a short survey about your personal experiences with intuition. I call it an Intuition Discovery Session where we can find out if you are a good fit for my course.

Caring is Sharing