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Discover the Happiness “Pill” for the Burned out Pharmacist

Is this you? A Typical Day in The Life of a Crabby Pharmacist…

The alarm clock goes off interrupting your deep sleep. You can’t remember the last time you got a really good night’s rest.

It would be really nice to doze for just a few more minutes, but instead you’re up already stressing about what your crazy day in the pharmacy will be like:

The mom with the screaming kid looking like she is about to cry herself, as you hurry to fill her prescription. The overweight diabetic in for the third time this week with yet another script which will undoubtedly have a higher than desired copay and it will be your fault. The person who has a dozen questions but no bandwidth to listen to your advice. The loud honking from the car in the drive through that you know will have a customer inside yelling even louder. The line is so long that even if the ones that don’t seem mad now, will be by the time they get to you.

Your bladder is full but you haven’t even had time to go to the bathroom, let alone eat something so you reach for that candy bar you have stashed away at the bottom of your purse and promise yourself at the next chance you get you will make a mad dash for anything with caffeine. That rush of sugar and caffeine is pure heaven in a hellish day.

The Magic Pill

You wish there was some substance you could take that would make it all go away like a pill that could bring joy and fulfillment back to your career….

While there is no magic pill, there is a way to take control of your day, have more fun at work and feel great at the end of the day.

Why You Are Where You Are – And Why it’s Not Your Fault

There are more demands than ever on retail pharmacists, fill more scripts faster, administer immunizations, do MTM and keep your numbers up while keeping the customers and your company happy.

There are systems in place to help you do more in less time but there isn’t a system they give you for how to deal with the stuff that really brings you down. They don’t teach people skills in pharmacy school. Corporate doesn’t give you training on how to really manage the difficult customers. No one has presented you with a way to cope with the overwhelming emotional demands of this job. It’s almost like your emotional and physical well-being aren’t important or that you just have to have the right personality or the right genes to be able to thrive in this profession.

You Don’t Need to Change – But the Situation Does

It’s not about personality. You don’t have to be any smarter than you are. You don’t have to become more spiritual or read more self-help books. You possess everything you need to take back your professional life one day at a time and enjoy the job and enjoy the people you got into pharmacy to serve. In fact, your biggest aggravations can become your biggest joys. It’s not magic but it might feel like it.

How to Go From Crabby To Happy

My program, Leadership Academy for Pharmacists, is a practical course for helping you deal with the biggest aggravations we retail pharmacists experience at work. It is tried and tested in the real world, behind the counter and in the aisles of a busy retail store just like the one you work in.

The course includes five written documents for dealing with the most common types of dispositions and diseases you see every day. These documents include perspective to help you see things in a different way and the exact words to use in situations from the tense to the confusing to bring joy and satisfaction to you and your customers.

What to Say to Change Your Day

There are three conversations going on in your pharmacy that shape your day. The conversation we have with ourselves internally about what is happening. The conversation we are having with your customers. And the conversation you are having with your colleagues. Typically one, two or all of them involve gloom, doom, snide, or unkind comments. Not happy making for anyone.

Once you change all three of these conversations your day will look different. Brighter. Cleaner. Inviting.

The Leadership Academy for Pharmacists™ Course includes 5 essential scripts which contain a unique perspective and provide exact phrases to use in the most common situations and types of customers you encounter on a daily basis.

These 5 are:

  • Scripts for The Harried Mother
  • Scripts for Depressed and Anxious
  • Scripts for Complainers
  • Scripts for Chronically Ill- Type II Diabetes
  • Scripts for Chronically Ill- Heart Disease

Each document provides statistics, perspective and guidance on how to recognize each type of customer.

Each document provides you the words to use with the different customer types and are tailored for you: there are words for the shyer pharmacist and words for the more ambitious pharmacist. So no matter what your personality you’ll have the right words for any situation or person.

Each document also includes plenty of true stories for the most common situations and mishaps to illustrate the points.

Each document is loaded my hot tips that are simple and easy to use.

Each document has my secret weapon: The 3 Question Rule and how to apply it to each type of customer.

There is also my favorite part- the In Your Own Words section at the end of each document for you to record the brilliant words that come out of your mouth and hit your customer’s ears making both them and you happy.

My favorite pharmacist is without doubt Mary Sheehan. This is not just because she is a pharmacist you can safely and efficiently work next to or opposite of, but because of what you can take away from her practice to better your own.

My favorite Mary lesson revolves around a saying that she used while I worked with her. That saying is “treat the patient first, the condition later.” Of course, this is where talking to your patient and digging into them comes into play and the magic happens.

Thanks Mary for that and all the other goodies of health and wellness you shared with me!

~ Nathan Otto, R.Ph.

You’ll get my personal insights in group coaching that helps you solidify the new way of doing things and make it a habit. The coaching offers support and encouragement. You’ll find this a lifesaver as you begin to implement these small and big changes into your life.

Whether you are looking at 30 or 3 more years behind the counter, make them happy ones. You spend a lot of time at work. You got into this profession to help people not avoid them because they are too cranky and you are too busy.

Happiness is a big part of success and there is nothing quite like leaving your shift knowing you did some good. You can do good and feel good. You can be happy, have fun and attract a tribe of customers that reward you with respect and loyalty.

Join me now in this course so you’ll never be at a loss for what to say or do at work when it all goes to hell in a hand basket. You’ll leave this course with a new found serenity and happiness and a zest for springing out of bed in the mornings to greet your new found day. Co-workers will comment on the easy way you breeze through the day.

Even your family will notice the blissed out you. Your teenager might even slow down on the snide remarks. Your loved ones will all be happier for it.

Join me now:

Leadership Academy for Pharmacists

You get all Five Scripts:

  • Scripts for The Harried Mother

  • Scripts for Depressed and Anxious

  • Scripts for Complainers

  • Scripts for Chronically Ill Diabetes

  • Scripts for Chronically Ill Heart Disease

PLUS! Four, one-hour group coaching sessions that will be once a week for four weeks and recorded for your convenience

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We will then talk one-on-one to discuss your career objectives and goals.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedI want you to be happy with my program. If for any reason you are not satisfied with Leadership Academy for Pharmacists, I will give you your money back. No need to explain or justify as I want you to be pleased with this program. You have thirty days to email me to request a full refund.

If you have any issues or questions about the program, you can click here to send a private message to Mary Sheehan.

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