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It’s Not About the Pill, It’s About The Person

As a pharmacist, I had about 30 seconds to assess a patient, tell them what they needed to hear and have them receive that information. There had to be instant trust so they would tell me the truth about what is really going with them. Often the underlying issue that caused distress and suffering was not about the pill, it was about the person.

Today I dispense advice without the pills but the process is the same. Using intuition and an ability to see clearly, I can tell where the cause of unhappiness is and how to help the person fix it.

What Do You Really Want – When the Noise Stops

Shut up!

Do you ever consider renting an apartment where you can escape to just get some peace and quiet? If you have a noisy, messy, chaotic house, it can be transformed into:

  • A home where the kids do their chores without being told (hubby too).
  • A place that is a true sanctuary where you can unwind, relax and be yourself.

When is Their Mother Coming?

Have your kids changed into beings you hardly recognize with their bad attitudes and bad manners? You know you didn’t raise them to behave this way so how did this happen? Imagine instead kids that you are really proud of:

  • Kids that contribute to the family in doing chores, being kind to their siblings, and respectful to you.
  • Kids that are contributing members of society using their talents to make the world a better place-reaching their full potential.

Kiss Me, Love Me, Chase Me Around the Bedroom

Do you feel alone in your own marriage? Do you ever wonder, “Is this what I signed up for?” You can have what you signed up for and that is:

  • A rewarding business-like partnership where each person equally contributes to the building and maintaining of the family and the relationship, with their time, money, and resources.
  • A spiritual contract where both people contribute to the personal growth of the other person and are each other’s biggest supporters in this area.
  • A passionate union of body and soul with lots of great sex and other fun stuff.

Take This Job and Love It

Does your job cause so much stress you wonder is it even worth the money with what you are losing in life energy? Are you getting old before your time because of your job?

You can have a place to work where:

  • Your boss realizes and appreciates what you do and rewards you accordingly
  • Your coworkers respect you and support you in your work efforts.
  • You use your talents to make a difference and feed your soul like only work can.

Let’s Talk, Friend

Are your friends too busy, distracted or unavailable? Do you wonder if it’s even possible to maintain friendships with everything else you have going on? Is it even worth the effort? These relationships are important for just about everyone and they can:

  • Nourish you in way that not even a healthy diet can.
  • Support and encourage you when you need to get through the day or a difficult life situation.
  • Be the gentle truth-telling support system you need to be your best and happiest.

The Right Blend

Are you still feeling guilty about your divorce and constantly worry about how it still affects your kids? Does the nonstop fighting between you and your ex or your new spouse and their ex make you want to run away from home?

Do you hate being the mean parent when it seems all your kids do is have fun at your ex’s house and you have to actually do the hard work of raising them?

Don’t worry, take charge:

  • Resolve the inevitable conflicts with your ex so smoothly that she/he will seem more like friend than enemy.
  • Raise kids that know that this situation is going to help them in life and not hold them back.
  • Create a home situation where the kids hardly notice that they live in two houses.
  • Have a family that loves, supports and helps each other so naturally that people will marvel at how you do it.

Get the Right Dose of Happiness

My one on one consulting sessions are very much like getting the right drug at the right dose at the right time. It really is the closest thing you can get to the “magic pill”. In these recorded phone sessions, you get the chance to tell me where you are stuck or not feeling the love in a relationship – it can be any kind of relationship- spouse, child, parent, coworker or even your very own self. I offer the right advice tailored to you and your specific problem. It will be given to you in a way you can easily understand and implement immediately.

Words to Go

I will write you a script with words to use to inspire you, reinforce the shift toward happy and remind you of the power you have to lead a happy life that not only feels really good for you, but for everyone around you.

Often we are unhappy because we don’t know what to do or what to say to make a problem or situation better. I get right to the heart of where the confusion is and pick out what the main issue is and how it can be shifted. The solutions are simple and in line with your best interest for maximum benefits for you. I am an advocate for your highest good and really want you to succeed in having more happiness in your life.

I feel so lucky to have Mary in my life. Mary has great suggestions and strategies to help me get to where I want to go. With her help, I have learned how to trust and focus more on my intuition. She has such an amazing talent that can help so many with personal and business solutions. Many areas around the world have “wise men and women” in their cultures. I feel Mary is the wise woman, she gives me such great insight with her intuition that enhances my life every day.

~ Bizette Love Gallewicz, co-blogger, Steps in Stilettos,

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedI want you to be happy with my program. If for any reason you are not satisfied with Prescriptions for Happiness, I will give you your money back. No need to explain or justify as I want you to be pleased with this program. You have thirty days to email me to request a full refund.

If you have any issues or questions about the program, you can click here to send a private message to Mary Sheehan.

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