Coaching for Pharmacists

One Half Hour to Find Your Power

In these one-on-one coaching sessions for pharmacists we will discuss what the most aggravating things you encounter in your average work day, some fresh perspective on those things, where exactly the energy is behind the situations and how to turn them around so YOU have more joy and energy throughout your work day and beyond.

In Your One on One Coaching Session You Will….

  • Get very clear on where the energy drains are in your day so you can target these to turn your day around to a fun one with lots of energy to use to serve your customers with some left over for the other stuff you do.
  • Discover the number one problem you have that seems to get you down every time and how to shift your mindset so it gets you up every time.
  • Learn the perspectives and words needed to change any negative situation into a happy one.
  • Learn how to quickly connect with your customers to begin to build that tribe of customers that will reward you with loyalty and respect.
  • Leave the coaching sessions very clear on what to do and say the next time you are in a situation that would otherwise cause you aggravation or pain.

We will together write scripts for you that specifically address your most challenging issues. You can then put the words on note cards to carry around with you at work. They are your words, your scripts for your most troubling issues and they will right there in your pocket when you need them

Here’s how it works:

Contact me using the form below. Coaching sessions start at 30 minutes in length. Let me know what happens at work that gives you the greatest amount of frustration – a specific situation, someone’s attitude toward you or others, things people say to you. We will meet for 30 minutes by telephone. I record the conversation and take notes so that you can revisit the insights via email and mp3 as often as you want. By the end of each session you will have specific action steps to take including words to use for your greatest good.

My favorite pharmacist is without doubt Mary Sheehan. This is not just because she is a pharmacist you can safely and efficiently work next to or opposite of, but because of what you can take away from her practice to better your own. My favorite Mary lesson revolves around a saying that she used while I worked with her. That saying is “treat the patient first, the condition later.” Of course, this is where talking to your patient and digging into them comes into play and the magic happens. Thanks Mary for that and all the other goodies of health and wellness you shared with me!

~ Nathan Otto, R.Ph.

One Half Hour to Find Your Power Sessions

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedI want you to be happy with my program. If for any reason you are not satisfied with Leadership Academy for Pharmacists, I will give you your money back. No need to explain or justify as I want you to be pleased with this program. You have thirty days to email me to request a full refund.

If you have any issues or questions about the program, you can click here to send a private message to Mary Sheehan.

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